Your account

your account

Creating an account on Mituyu is easy - just click the sign up buttons littered across the website, and enter your email address. Mituyu will send you an email containing a link which will automatically log you in.

Managing your account

Managing your account information is almost as easy as creating an account. Once you've logged into Mituyu, you'll find a button on the left-hand bar with an icon on it similar to the one at the top of this page. Change any details you like, and press the save button.

Log-on details

We don't need to know much about you in order for you to use Mituyu; we need your email address, in order to maintain your account, but that's the only field you must keep filled-out on the account screen.

When you first log on to Mituyu, you'll need to set a password. While you could request an email with a link every time you want to use the system, logging on is much easier with a password!

Billing information

It's not essential that you enter any billing information when you're trying Mituyu out for the first time. The billing information you enter on your account screen isn't directly used, either; it's purely there to pre-populate the form you fill out should you come to pay for something.

Your profile picture

You may notice that some users (if you're collaborating) have a profile image - or you may even see your own when using Mituyu. These are generated by Gravatar - if you'd like to create or edit your profile picture, visit their site - it's a completely free service.

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