To create campaigns, use the add a campaign button, and enter details into the box that appears. Filter name and guide number are purely for your own benefit to enable you to select your campaign, and spot when content has been assigned to it.

The campaign type setting enables you to pick the type of campaign you'd like to run:

Tag-only campaigns

Tag-only campaigns are extremely simple - when you create content, you can select a campaign to assign it to. At that point, your content will be highlighted throughout the rest of the tool, enabling you to clearly see which items have been assigned to which campaign. They're essentially a way of colour-coding your content.

Buffered campaigns

Buffered campaigns enable you to create a store of content, and publish it at specific times of the day. When you select this campaign type, you'll be shown a box into which you can enter a time. Click the button to add the time you've entered to the list. You can click the button next to a time to remove it from the list again.

When you create content, you can queue content by selecting the campaign you've created, and setting the content status to buffer.

Nth-auto campaigns

Nth-auto campaigns are designed to work with your automatic source stream. When you come to set it up, you'll find two extra fields: group, and make post every nth time. So, for every nth post (ie the number you pick) that's automatically-published from your sources to the group you select, Mituyu will take a piece of content from the campaign buffer, and publish it.

To use this campaign type, once you've set it up, create content items. When you select your nth-auto campaign, you'll find that as well as a publish button on your schedule, there's a buffer option. When you set content to buffer, rather than being published, it'll sit in the campaign buffer to be used at its discretion.

The publishing date range, rather than being the date at which the content is published, is the date range for which the content will be available in the buffer.

The logic by which Mituyu chooses which post to publish in nth-auto campaigns may seem esoteric, but it isn't; it organises your buffer by the day it was published (if it has been published at all), and chooses a piece of content at random from the oldest day. This ensures that a piece of content isn't published twice on the same day. It will continue to repeat content on an on-going basis, though.

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