Configuration options


This is where you can change your overall settings. When you're happy with the changes you've made, hit the save button to save them.

Brand name

Most users won't have to worry about this, but it's possible to have access to more than one Mituyu account - for instance, where you're invited to collaborate by someone else. If you're going to invite other people to collaborate, it's useful to choose a descriptive name here to help them understand what they're looking at.


We're going to have to start using the word brand here. In short, your Mituyu account has a default brand attached, but if you wanted to promote something completely different, with its own social media accounts, web embed, etc, you create a second brand without having to create a completely new account. This system also enables other people to collaborate on your brand using their existing account instead of creating a new one.

You can invite other users to collaborate using the add a collaborator button, and entering their email address in the box that pops up. Users you invite will receive an email with a link to accept, at which point your brand will appear on their brands screen.

Once collaborators have been added, they can be removed using the button.

If you're looking at the configuration screen for a brand, it means you're its owner - you're in charge of it. You can hand that control over to a collaborator using the button, but there can be only one; that collaborator will become the owner, and you'll be demoted to a collaborator. Similarly, for security reasons, repeat billing will be disabled, as you won't have the ability to cancel it afterwards.

Changes you make to the brand name won't be saved, and collaboration invitations won't be sent, until you press save.

Current licence

This box tells you the current state of your licence. You can extend your licence by hitting the add a month button, entering your billing address, and completing the Stripe payment box. This will buy a month's licence.

Alternatively, you can set up repeat billing. The process is the same; enter your billing details and complete the Stripe payment, but you may not be immediately billed. Instead, Mituyu will store your details and bill you at the point at which the licence expires. If you don't have a current valid licence you'll be billed immediately - if not, you won't be billed until the day of expiry. This will repeat until you cancel it on this screen.

Unlike name and collaborator options, your billing activities happen immediately, and take effect without you pressing the save button.

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