Cool stuff

We hope you find Mituyu to be a fast, efficient, and slick experience. While this is down to the way it's built, there are a few technologies on which it relies that are worthy of mention:


Mituyu uses Google Fonts:

The main body font is Roboto, with Roboto Mono for displaying code, both created by Christian Robertson.

Titles, and in fact the logo, are set in the beautiful Comfortaa font, which is designed by Johan Aakerlund.


Mituyu uses Font Awesome 5 Pro, the latest revision of Font Awesome. They've still made version 4.7.0 available for free, but we'd heartily recommend spending a few dollars to support their efforts.


Mituyu eases its server load with Cloudflare, an excellent service that gives developers cache control as they serve individual items.

Email delivery is handled by Postmark, who pride themselves in delivering transaction emails on time, every time.

Payments, and repeat billing, are taken using Stripe, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the older, more cumbersome payment systems we're all used to.


The currency conversion on the front page of the site is handled by occasional queries to Currency Converter API, who also very generously provide a free version (with an equally-generous relaxed rate limit).


Mituyu was built in C# using Visual Studio 2017. On this: if you haven't tried Visual Studio, you don't know what you're missing - VS Code, while great, doesn't even begin to provide the level of feature and functionality of the full package (which is also available for free).

The source is managed in GitHub, but it's a private repo :P


Let's hear it for #b02a81, Mituyu's brand colour.

The logo, being a square of #b02a81, is fairly easy to replicate. If Photoshop isn't your thing, though, here's a PNG version you can scale up cleanly to literally any size :D

You can also download the full logos as SVG here, with white text (for coloured backgrounds), or blue text (for display on a white background).

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