Your dashboard


Your dashboard gives you an overview of your activities - your licence, the networks you're connected to, your published content, etc:

Throughout Mituyu, you'll find a create content button on the top bar - you can use it to create content from scratch at any time.


Here, you'll find information on your licence - when it's due to expire (or whether it's already expired), and a configuration button to buy extra time, set up repeat-billing, or cash in other forms of tokens.


The networks list acts as a short-cut to your networks configuration screen - it lists each network you've connected to, with follower counts where possible.


If you've set up any sources, you'll find them counted here. The 'manual' line will take you to your manual source feed, the 'automatic' line taking you to the automatic feed. The 'total' count will take you to the source management page.


The content counts give you an idea of how much content you've got in each state - published, draft, pending, expired, or deleted. They're followed by a list of the most recently-published items.

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