Filtering your imported content


Mituyu's ability to automatically publish content using groups is great, but not very subtle. You can use filters to fine-tune the information you're publishing by creating filters.

Creating and editing filters

Create a filter using the create a filter button. Each filter has a name that you can set to recognise it elsewhere within Mituyu.

The imortant part of a filter is the list of items it must contain. You can add one by entering text into the box and clicking the button. It will then appear in a list within the filter. You can remove items from that list by clicking the item's button.

The logic of multiple items is OR rather than AND: the filter will allow content that contains any of the text items listed, rather than requiring all of them to be present.

Prefixes and suffixes

Filters also have optional prefix and suffix fields. When these fields are filled, they'll replace the prefix and suffix settings that may have been set on the group. Leaving these fields blank will mean they don't replace the group's settings; there's no option to remove prefixes and settings, only to over-write them.

By applying a filter to an automated feed, you restrict its publishing to only the content that passes the filters; a restrictive filter will of course massively restrict the content that's ultimately published.

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