Network groups


The group system helps you quickly specify where your content should be published. You can create and edit them in the groups section of your Mituyu console. They have two uses across the site - when you're creating and editing content, and to auto-stream RSS sources.

Creating and editing content

When you're using the content creation tool, you'll notice a list of groups under the buttons deciding which networks to publish that content on. Unless you've created any of your own, the only group listed will be default. Clicking on a group button will quickly set the network selection accordingly.

Your default group is automatically selected at this point, which makes this extremely useful, as you can set that default to the networks you usually want to publish content to.

Auto-streaming RSS sources

If you're reading RSS feeds as sources, you can select the group that a feed is automatically published with. For instance, you may want to automatically push your own website/blog's RSS feed to your Twitter network. To do this, you'd create a group of the networks you wish to push content to, and set the RSS source to automatically publish with that group.

Managing groups

Creating and editing groups is very simple - you can hit the add a group button to create a new one, or edit any that are already there. You can't rename your default group, or add a prefix to it. You should name your custom group as something memorable, as you'll be referring to it by than name throughout the site.

You can also add prefix text to custom groups; this is useful when you use that group for auto-streaming RSS content, as the titles will be prefixed with what you've entered. A common use of this would be for auto-streaming your blog; you may want to prefix titles with "blog post: " when they're published elsewhere. Note the inclusion of the space after the colon; Mituyu will prefix the text exactly as entered.

The final choice you make with groups is the networks you wish the group to publish on - unselected networks are un-ticked and grey, while clicking on a network selects it, which lights it up in colour and gives it a tick.

When you've made all of your changes, click the save button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

You can remove groups using the red remove button in each box. While the group will be removed from the list, it won't be completely removed until you save your changes.

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