Importing content from around the web


You don't have to create all of your content in Mituyu; you can import other content via RSS feeds, and publish that instead. Your starting point is the sources tool, where you add the RSS feeds you want to read.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's a technology that websites use to publishing their latest articles, news, etc, in a format that other machines can read. Though it's not widely known about, most editorial websites have a feed - you can find it by looking for a icon. For more information about RSS feeds, there's a nice, clear Lifewire article on the subject, and another on how to find them.

Why would you do this?

  1. The most obvious reason would be your website; if it has a feed of your news items, say, you could get Mituyu to automatically publish that news to the social networks of your liking.
  2. Further to that, there's discovery; if there are news sources you feel will contain content you should use, you can add them, read their content in the manual section, and publish any items you feel your audience would be interested in.

Adding a feed for Mituyu to read

To add a feed from the sources section, click the add a feed button, and paste the RSS feed's URL into the dialog that pops up. Ignore the group and filter options until you've read the rest of this page.

To make your life a little easier, you don't have to specifically hunt through web pages for RSS feeds. If there's a site you like that may have a feed on it, just enter the site URL - if Mituyu finds a webpage there, it'll check it for feeds for you.

When you've given Mituyu a feed, it'll be added to the sources list, with a few extra pieces of information:

Viewing your feeds' content

When you've added some feeds, and after Mituyu has had the chance to read them, you'll be able to view any content that was discovered in the manual section, displayed as cards. To read more, click on a card.

When you're viewing an item, you'll see a button labelled create content from this - clicking it will import the item into the content studio for you to edit and publish. Items that have already been published will be labelled with a published tag.

Automatic feed publishing

So, then - those group and filter buttons. If you've created groups, and select one of them when you add your feed, Mituyu will take the items it finds on that feed and send them straight through to the channels you selected in that group.

Mituyu will also take the text you entered in the stream prefix and stream suffix fields, and wrap your title in them (with spaces).

If you've created filters, you can apply them to work in conjunction with the group, to make sure that only content containing certain phrases is automatically-published. And content that doesn't pass the filter will be displayed in the manual section.

You can view the content that's been discovered and automatically-published in the automatic section.

To be clear; if you add a feed with a group, Mituyu will very quickly start publishing the content on that feed without asking you first.

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