What is Mituyu?

Connect Mituyu to your social network accounts

Mituyu is a tool for publishing your content to your social media accounts. You start by connecting your social network presences - your Twitter account, your Facebook page, etc.

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Create content to publish in those places

Now Mituyu knows about your social media presence, you use it to generate content in one place, publishing to many networks simultaneously.

Automate your publishing

You don't have to manually create all of the content you publish; Mituyu can automatically publish content it finds on your website RSS feed.

Get metrics on your performance

Mituyu tracks clicks on your content, to show you how your content performs over time, as well as giving you an understanding of which times and topics give you the best results.

Embed your content into your own website

As well as publishing your content to social media, Mituyu also contains tools to create beautiful embedded content streams on your web pages with one simple line of code.

Use centralised messaging

Instead of worrying about communicating on different social networks, Mituyu is working to bring all of your messaging into one place.

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