Connecting cloud storage

You'll notice that, should you paste the URL of an image into the link field while you're creating content, Mituyu will display the actual image you've linked to, rather than just displaying a link. This is fine, but a lot of the time you won't have that image on the web already.

Rather than Mituyu storing all of your images itself, you can link Mituyu with a cloud storage account from your configuration screen.

From that point on, when you create content, you'll find a button below the link field enabling you to upload file to cloud storage. When you do this, Mituyu will ask you to choose a file from your computer, at which point it will uploaded it to your connected cloud account, create a public link, and paste that into the link field instead.

At present, the only type of cloud account you can connect is Dropbox. We'll be adding more along the way, but on that note:


When you add your Dropbox account, you'll notice that Mituyu only wants to access data inside its own folder. This is a great feature of Dropbox that means that external apps (such as Mituyu) can store your stuff in Dropbox without having access to all of your other files.

The folder Dropbox creates for Mituyu sits inside your apps folder in your Dropbox root, at: /apps/

The down-side to this ring-fenced approach is that in order to give Mituyu a file from the rest of your Dropbox, you'll need to re-upload it from the content studio. The up-side is privacy: of course we trust us, but you shouldn't be in the habit of granting random strangers access to all of your data!

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