what's new

Mituyu is currently in its infancy; it's got a great feature set already, but as its user base grows, so will its functionality. There are lots of great additions coming soon that will add more power to the way you:

  • organise and schedule your content,
  • measure its performance,
  • find and engage with new audiences, and
  • interact with your followers on an individual basis.

Our development plan is inspired by the very excellent JoCo's 2006 endeavour: put simply, we aim to add a thing a week. Bug-fixes aside, they'll vary in splendour between simple additions to big new tools, new metrics views, new networks to plug in to, and more besides.

Those things will be listed here, so check back to see what's new. In the meantime, thank you for joining us on this early part of our journey :D

Definitely in the pipeline

Facebook messaging - once everybody's completely happy with the way it works on Twitter!

Re-usable campaign planning - instead of publishing content immediately, you'll be able to add it to a campaign schedule, which you can then trigger at a certain point, or repeatedly.

Channel-specific tools - taking Twitter as an example, there'd be auto-follow-back, follower-welcome messages, etc.

LinkedIn messaging, if they ever finish off their API.

Instagram integration, the moment that Facebook (who own it) open it back up for API publishing.

Manual embed styling, if you want your embed to look completely different, you'll be able to plug your own styling into it.

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